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Tigers fan puts the ‘ass’ in ’embarrassing’ while trying to wrangle ball (video)


During Tuesday’s tilt between the Detroit Tigers and Houston Astros at Comerica Park, a fan of the hometown ball club very nearly had a horribly traumatizing wardrobe malfunction — not just for him but for everyone — when he almost lost his pants leaning over the railing in an attempt to wrangle a foul ball.

As he attempts to snag the souvenir, he flops over the railing and only his pal grabbing onto the waistline of his pants and underwear prevented him from crashing face-first into foul territory.

The problem with the friend halting his pal’s momentum is said pal’s butt crack became prevalently prominent.

GAH! Thankfully, as the butt crack-exposing baseball fan was pulled back behind the railing, his pal had the presence of mind to kind of hoist up the drawers of his nearly de-pantsed friend … just not soon enough.

Indeed, that most certainly puts the “ass” in “embarrassing,” right? Alternatively, to be fair to the fan’s stick-to-itiveness, I suppose his efforts mean he puts the “ass” in “assertiveness,” too.

[H/T Guyism]