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Newspaper headline indicates Miami Heat are a roving band of castrators (pic)


Ugh. That’s a shame. Of course, it’s simply a typographical error. The Miami Heat are not like some kind of marauding group of savages of ill repute hellbent on castrating its vanquished foes like some kind of basketball-playing incarnation of the “Bloody Mummers.”

Although it would be kinda cool if they were. That would mean LeBron James would be the Vargo Hoat of the Heat, otherwise known as the “South Beach Sack Slicers.”

The gaffe involving the Brooklyn NBA team’s moniker occurred on Wednesday in the Sports section of Indiana’s Evansville Courier & Press. Metro editor Ryan G. Reynolds took to Twitter to embarrassingly clarify the error, writing, “Ugh. We meant to say “Nets.” Thanks for clearing that one up. Still, he deserves credit for not only acknowledging the error but posting a pic of the headline fail for further Internet dissemination, something who has had their nuts cut by the South Beach Sack Slicers would not be able to do.

Oh, and for what it’s worth, misspelling gaffe aside, the Heat did in fact beat the Nuts, er, Nets in Game 1 of their series in a ballsy effort, winning by a score of 107-86.

[H/T SB Nation]