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Johnny Manziel opens up about draft process, says, ‘I’ve I’ve answered every question’

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With the first round of the 2014 NFL Draft coming up Thursday, Johnny Manziel has made his way to New York City. On Wednesday, Manziel fielded a barrage of questions from eager reporters at an NFL Play 60 event in Manhattan.

The presumed Top 10 draft pick — right? — withstood nearly 20 minutes of questions from 40 media members and from the looks of it, the belief that Johnny Football can’t be coached should have been alleviated by the way he handled the rapid-fire session, as whoever is in charge of preparing Manziel for press conferences did a helluva job of coaching him up.

When asked if he has done everything in his power to assuage any concerns regarding his character, superstar status, off-the-field demeanor and so on, Manziel said he believes he has done so in spades.

“I think I’ve done a great job of alleviating concerns of these guys, them getting to know me on a more personal level,” Manziel said, via USA Today. “And I’ve answered every question, anything they wanted to hear from me. So there’s nothing for me to hide.

“I don’t think it’s wrong of me to enjoy my life and have fun. Throughout this whole process I’ve continued to work hard and do the things I need to do to try and become a better football player. That’s the main thing.

“I’m not getting to this level to be complacent.”

Manziel echoed an earlier sentiment about how teams will regret passing on him.

“I believe they will personally,” he said. “Because I know in my heart how good I want to be and how committed I am to this game. … I’ve tried to show them how committed I am to this game and how much this is really my life. This is what I’ve loved doing for a very long time now.

“I just wouldn’t be able to sleep or just live with myself if things didn’t go the way I wanted. And you never know, there’s some things you just can’t control in football. … But I know I’m not going to go through this process and look back at it and say I wasn’t successful because I didn’t put in enough time or put in enough effort.”

With every so-called NFL Draft expert — more like charlatan-like snake oil salesmen — seemingly altering their mock draft boards with every bit of rumor, object of conjecture, act of throwing crap at a wall to see what sticks, it makes little sense so close to the Draft to even attempt to guess where Manziel will go on Thursday … or when. First, second overall, sliding to eighth, free-falling to the second round, it’s anyone’s guess — although if he makes it through the first ten picks it will be a shocker.

Everything the media is reporting just might be exactly what teams want getting out to provide a smokescreen to mask their true intentions. It’s shocking how draft experts play right into team’s hands at this time of the year.

It does seem, though, that Johnny Football has done a good job allaying any concerns teams may have about him by saying the right things when asked the tough questions.

Still, it sure makes for compelling theater, perhaps setting the stage for one of the most interesting NFL Draft nights in recent history.

(image courtesy of FOX Sports)