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Did LeBron James throw Miami Heat teammates under the bus over MVP snub?


On Tuesday, it was announced that Kevin Durant had ended four-time LeBron James’ NBA MVP winning streak at two-straight.

And the outcome of the vote wasn’t even close. Durant garnered a whopping 119 first-place votes, while James only accumulated a paltry and underwhelming six.

While most of the numbers, statistics and so on and so forth convincingly warrant the Oklahoma City Thunder superstar landing his first MVP award, not many likely expected to be such a convincing and thoroughly uneven vote, perhaps even LeBron himself.

Bleacher Report’s Ethan Skolnick tweeted out the following quote from LeBron in which the Miami Heat star weighs in on the MVP award voting.

Oh, snap! Is LeBron saying that if the Heat had played better he would have own his fifth MVP award? Sure seems like that is what James is insinuating. The Heat did in fact have a worse regular season record (54-28) — although almost every other team in the NBA would love to trade records — in a weaker conference than the much tougher competition the Thunder had to battle through in the West while cranking out a 59-23 campaign.

Still, LeBron said what he said following the Heat’s convincing win over Brooklyn Nets (not Nuts) in Game 1 of the teams’ Eastern Conference semifinal series on Tuesday night.

But wait, there was more.

Skolnick, perhaps allowing the social media drama to build and allow folks to stew and subsequently overreact to the first part of LeBron’s quote, later tweeted out the completion of James’ thoughts on MVP voting.

Ohhh, gotcha. LeBron is merely stating that had he led the team better by playing better himself, the Heat would have won more games. Ipso facto, a fifth MVP award would have been his, not that his Heat teammates let him down. He let them down. James also demonstrated some class by kicking off his postgame presser by congratulating Durant on winning MVP.

“First of all, I want to start off this press conference by congratulating Kevin Durant on winning the MVP,” James said, via Eye on Basketball. “Unbelievable season, and all the support from me from one MVP to the next MVP. So, hell of a season, KD.”

Classy guy, that LeBron. When he’s not throwing his teammates under the bus. Which he did not.