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Charles Barkley on San Antonio women: ‘That’s a gold mine for Weight Watchers’ (videos)

Charles Barkley once again went after the women of San Antonio during TNT’s “Inside the NBA” halftime show during Game 1 of the San Antonio Spurs-Portland Trail Blazers series on Tuesday.

Barkley, a portly fellow in his own right, whose moniker during his playing days was the “Round Mound of Rebound” — and that was before he put on his post-playing weight — when characterizing the relative average girth of the ladies of “The Alamo City,” said, “There some big ol’ women down there.”

Chuck then added a well-crafted zinger that simultaneously gave a nod to one of his endorsement partners: “That’s a gold mine for Weight Watchers.”

But Sir Charles wasn’t done just yet. As the gang laughed and laughed, Barkley delivered the following line about the undergarment choices of San Antonio women: “And Victoria definitely a secret! They can’t wear no Victoria’s Secret down there! They wearin’ big ol’ bloomers down there.”

Oof. The guy is like a modern day Henny Youngman.

Fair or not, an accurate assessment or a complete misrepresentation of the women of San Antonio (probably the latter), you can’t but chuckle when Chuck gets going and riffs on things away from the basketball court.

And this isn’t the first time Barkley has used his perception of San Antonio as a fat chick’s paradise for comedic fodder. Here’s Charles in 2010:

And here’s another:

And here’s Barkley testing out his “Victoria’s Secret” material earlier this year:

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