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Rickie Fowler, Dustin Johnson, Phil Mickelson hit Sawgrass No. 17 wrong-handed (video)


Rickie Fowler, Dustin Johnson and Phil Mickelson routinely make shots that hack golfers scarcely dare dream about pulling off, leaving the average golf fan slack-jawed and speechless. As the old PGA Tour slogan goes, “These guys are good.”

But it will be extremely disheartening to novice golfers to watch the above three superstars take on the legendary and formidable island green on the iconic 17th hole at TPC Sawgrass taking swings wrong-handed.

The 17th at Sawgrass has laid victim to many a golfer during its time, in big-time tournaments to regular rounds. But to take on the hole wrong-handed? That’s kooky talk!

The fellas were engaging in a practice round ahead of this week’s Players Championship when they arrived at the tee box at 17. The trio figured they’d give onlookers a show with Mickelson hitting a right-handed shot while Fowler and Johnson borrowed a club from Philly Dog to take a left-handed crack at one of the most famous greens in golf.

Fowler posted the following clips documenting their cracks at hitting the green.

Yeah, their switch-hitter swings are far superior to my regularly handed swings, although that’s really not saying that much.Mickelson admitted he didn’t do too well in his attempt.

“I wasn’t very successful in my attemps, but we had some fun flipping clubs around and trying to hit it the other way,” Mickelson said, via

Fowler allegedly fared best in the wrong-handed trick shot attempt, with the word being he stuck his left-handed tee shot within a few feet of the hole, video of which was captured by a fan looking on at the demonstration.

Great googly moogly. These guys are good, indeed. It’s sad, really, because the average hack would simply be happy not plunking balls into the water shot after shot after shot if ever given the chance to take on that hole.

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