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Corey Perry’s pest game remains strong, gets punched in nuts by Jonathan Quick (vids)


To say that Anaheim Ducks winger Corey Perry’s troll game has been strong thus far in his team’s Western Conference Semifinals series against the Los Angeles Kings would be a major understatement. In fact, the ability of Perry, one of the preeminent pests in the NHL, to get inside the heads (or glove, or crease) of his opponents and be the ultimate pest has approached Zen-like, Jedi Master proportions.

According to the analyst describing the action in the below video, Perry’s first troll job occurred during Game 1 of the series on Saturday (although other sources say it occurred during Game 2 on Monday night), when he slyly filled Kings center Jeff Carter’s glove with liquid (water, Gatorade, whatever) while on the bench.

Such a subtle demonstration of pest-like, cretinous behavior! Of course, it wasn’t overtly harmful, more of a minor annoyance, but isn’t that what a pest does?

Things took a bit of a ballsy turn — pun intended — during Game 2 on Monday night when Perry got all tangled up in the crease with Kings netminder Jonathan Quick. Like most goalies, Quick was none too pleased about the trespass and proceeded to send a forearm shiver of sorts, utilizing a shot with his blocker, straight into Perry’s crotchal region.

Granted, fighting for real estate in front of the crease isn’t technically trolling, but it certainly is pest-like conduct at its best — or worst, depending on one’s point of view.

Despite Perry’s attempts at being a annoyance, the Kings nevertheless prevailed, beating the Ducks 3-1 to take a 2-0 series lead.

Still, keep an eye on Perry’s antics throughout the balance of this series. Chances are this won’t be his last pest-like infestation inside Kings players’ heads.

(crotch-shot video via @cjzero)