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Tom Brady wears yet another ridiculous hat on Kentucky Derby weekend (photo)


Tom Brady can’t get enough of thee Kentucky Derby and the many fancy schmancy soirees and other assorted events and activities surrounding the annual “Run for the Roses” horse race.

The New England Patriots quarterback was spotted at the Kentucky Oaks — a race held annually on the Friday before the Derby — wearing yet another ridiculous hat, yet another as here is what Brady donned atop his head at the 2011 edition of the big race:

137th Kentucky Derby - Inside

So, folks, I put this question to you: Which hat is more ridiculous? Since the second of the two images of hat-based absurdity was during a more hoity-toity affair, Brady is definitely dressed in a much more dapper fashion, but that shouldn’t have anything to do with which hat is more hilarious.

Then again, Brady’s hair in the photo from a few years back certainly lends a higher douche quotient, lending the ensemble of suit and hat and shades a higher degree of smarmy.

It’s a toss-up, really, but in the end, who are we to judge Tom Brady? The guy is regarded as a fashion icon and is world famous. Not only that, he has a supermodel wife, three Super Bowl championships and millions upon millions upon millions of dollars. Tom Brady can pretty much wear whatever the hell he wants and he’ll remain the envy of almost every man on the planet.

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