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(Yawn) Oregon Ducks football team to wear special uniforms at spring game (photos)


Shocking news! The Oregon Ducks have revealed that the football team will be wearing special jerseys on Saturday during its Spring Football Game.

Among the modifications and new doodads on the unis are a “Seize the Day” nameplate that pays tribute to members of the armed forces.



For the past five years, Nike and the University of Oregon have partnered to create a custom-designed uniform for the team’s final Spring scrimmage. This year, both the home and away uniforms feature unique details including “Salute the Day” nameplates, as well as custom insignias and patches to honor those who serve our country by land, by sea and by air.

This is about as surprising as, um, I don’t know, the thousand other times the Ducks have announced or revealed wacky jersey/uniform combinations.


The unis are pretty cool, and the tribute to the military is definitely a nice touch, but here’s an idea: How about the Ducks announce when the team will wear regular old plain uniforms? That would be news, right? It’s like the “Boy Who Cried Duck” at this point. Sooner or later, no one is going to even pay attention to the wild and wacky and new uniform combinations and colors.

Oh, wait. We will. We’re all suckers for special uniforms. We just can’t help ourselves.

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