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Is ‘Crab-Legs-Gate 2014’ only just beginning for Jameis Winston, Florida State?


With the news that Florida State Seminoles two-sport star Jameis Winston merely received a citation, fined a small sum and sentenced to only community service (as well as suspended by FSU’s baseball team) for an alleged shoplifting incident involving some pilfered crab legs, many suspected this story was a minor, albeit chock-full of comedic potential (see here), blip on the radar and would go away as quickly as it surfaced.

But not so fast. Some are alleging that Winston is taking the fall for Florida State in order to put the kibosh on an even bigger controversy and scandal, namely ESPN’s Marcellus Wiley.

Wiley’s tweet received a response from the South Florida Sun-Sentinel’s Omar Kelly, who appeared to not only agree with Wiley’s assessment but added that the scandal goes even deeper, or at least has been going on for a longer period  of time.

Essentially what is being alleged here is that Publix and Florida State may have some unspoken arrangement where athletes are allowed to take food without paying. Quite the accusation, especially without any solid evidence backing up the claims.

Along with those damning — but speculative — allegations is a tip received by College Spun, in which a screengrab of a Facebook post was provided that asserts that an individual saw Winston making off from a supermarket with some free seafood.


The plot thickens…

Granted,, a random Facebook post from an unidentified source may include information that is inaccurate at best and flat-out fabricated at worst. But it surely indicates that we may not have heard the last about Jameis Winston’s “Crag-Legs-Gate 2014.”