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Troglodytic Bruins fan hits P.K. Subban with beer cup after OT game-winner (video)


P.K. Subban got the Montreal Canadiens a win in Game 1 of the team’s series with the Boston Bruins by unleashing a absolute blast from back near the blue line that beat Tuukka Rask 4:17 into the second overtime session to give the Habs a 4-3 win.

It was Subban’s second goal of the game and gave the Habs home ice in a series in which it was the assumed underdog heading in.

Of course, Bruins fans in attendance at TD Garden were rightfully disappointed with the outcome, but one troglodytic, ham-fisted, knuckle-dragging, cretinous fan took it one disgraceful step further by throwing a beer cup onto the ice that appeared to hit Subban as he celebrated with his teammates.

The cup enters the frame at about the 0:34 mark of the video.

Seriously, what kind of person does that? Oh yeah, a  troglodytic, ham-fisted, knuckle-dragging, cretinous one. The term “jagoff” could also be added to that description, not to mention many others.

Crossing Broad has relayed some additional information related to the incident as reported by Rogers Sportsnet Senior Hockey Writer Chris Johnston, as well as a GIF:


So, so sad.

Even worse was the reaction on Twitter by some Bruins fans (and let’s not paint all Bruins fans with a broad brush here, either — just the terrible ones), who unleashed a shamefully racist tirade on social media about Subban, who is a Canadian citizen of Caribbean descent. A sampling of the despicable comments that polluted Twitter can be found here (as well as here), but reader discretion is advised, as the tweets compiled feature profanity and even more shameful, hateful and disgusting terms.

Subban has been forced to deal with this kind of bigoted, racist and deplorable crap (see here for just one of many examples) before and sadly will continue to have to deal with it in the future. Shameful.

UPDATE: Boston Bruins President Cam Neely released a statement Friday denouncing the classless online behavior exhibited by a small portion of the team’s fans. It reads:

The racist, classless views expressed by an ignorant group of individuals following Thursday’s game via digital media are in no way a reflection of anyone associated with the Bruins organization.”

Well done, Mr. Neely. Kudos.

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