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Bartolo Colon has another at-bat misadventure, runs to first carrying bat (GIFs)


Bartolo Colon is in his first full season in the National League (he was a member of the Montreal Expos in 2002, pitching in 17 games), so the New York Mets pitcher is relatively unfamiliar with having to head to home plate with bat in hand during starts on such a regular basis. But the fact that he left home plate with bat in hand

Granted, the proliferation of interleague play means Colon has had hit before, but this season has seen Colon waddling up to the plate to take some wild hacks in often desperate, sometimes comical, attempts to put the ball in play.

The most recent misadventure for Colon occurred Thursday night, when Colon actually did manage to put the ball in play but forgot to drop his bat while “running” to first base.


Awesome. Of course, this isn’t the first time Colon has delighted up with his at-bats thus far this season.

There was the time he almost jumped out of his cleats during a wild, out of control swing that caused his batting helmet to fly off his head:

There was this look:

Again, awesome. It’s going to be a wonderful season.

And just for the record, Colon’s play on the mound was not good on Thursday, either, as the 41-year-old The 41-year old Colon went only 4.2 innings, giving up seven earned runs, on 10 while walking one and striking out three in a 7-4 loss the Colorado Rockies. But hey, we’ll always have his at-bats to enjoy.