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Sweet sassy molassey, this totally bad ass golf cart retails for $24,000 (photo)


Check out that sucker, man. Forget about Bubba Watson’s hovercraft golf cart, this one is the Real Deal Holyfied. Sure, it looks like a Ferrari or something and boasts a chrome tilt steering column, 15″ custom rims,  an Alpine AM/FM/CD player, a high speed motor that can top out at 24 MPH and can be painted any color of your choosing, but it will cost you. To the tune of 23,800 smackeroos.

It is called the F5 and is one of three luxury golf carts featured on the appropriately named site,

Here are some additional looks at the bad boy:

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Question: Where do you put your clubs? Actually, who cares about that. If you’re wealthy enough to afford one of these, you can probably buy hire a caddy (or one for each club) to tool around the course in a regular old cart (or carts) with your clubs. Too bad you’ll be waiting awhile for them to catch up with you. Remember, 24 miles-per-freaking-hour, man.

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