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Potential lottery pick signs with Jay-Z after ogling Rihanna’s braless boobs (pic)


Kentucky Wildcats freshman guard James Young declared for the NBA Draft on April 17, meaning from that point on he because a highly coveted player for prospective agents and their respective agencies.

Given what transpired last Friday, it’s safe to say that Jay-Z has much more than a leg up on other sports agents given his relationship with one very attractive (and sometimes braless) young woman named Rihanna.

Young was spotted taking in the Brooklyn Nets-Toronto Raptors playoff game last Friday, seated alongside none other than the pop princess, a known Jay-Z protégé.

What makes Young’s brush with fame at courtside was just how much he appeared to enjoy the sights.

Young visibly could be seen ogling Rihanna throughout the game, getting an eyeful of the gorgeous 26-year-old songstress, who happened to be rocking a skin-tight tank top sans bra.


(click to enlarge if necessary)

Great ogle-ly googly moogly!

And by Thursday, Jay-Z and Roc Nation Sports proudly announced its newest client via Twitter.

Yep, just like that. Young must have really appreciated that Jay-Z is one of the breast in the business. Er, best in the business. Boy, what a boob I am! Even Rihanna got in on the Twitter love for Young, sending out a congratulatory message.

It’s like Jay-Z and Rihanna were going tit for tat with Young tweets.

Young is the only other basketball player in Roc Nation Sports’ stable of athletes, joining Kevin Durant. Jay-Z’s agency does represent other high-profile athletes in other sports, such as ballplayers Robinson Cano, CC Sabathia and the New York Giants’ Victor Cruz.

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