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LeBron allegedly passed on Clippers in 2010 because Donald Sterling is racist


Amid the fallout of Donald Sterling’s perceived — or obvious — racist and bigoted views coming to light and his subsequent banishment and other assorted punishments handed down by the NBA and Adam Silver, news has surfaced that LeBron James allegedly once had interest in perhaps joining the Los Angeles Clippers but passed.

Why? Because Donald Sterling is a damn racist, that’s why. At least that’s the allegation set forth in an ESPN report.

In a story about his interest in possibly partnering with Oprah Winfrey to make a bid at buying the Clippers once the NBA pries the team out of Sterling’s stubborn hands, David Geffen, the music and movie mogul, alleges that James might have joined the Clippers in 2010 before he made “The Decision” to sign with the Heat.

But Geffen states that James informed him that he ultimately passed on the team because of Sterling.

Geffen also told [ESPN’s Jeremy] Schaap that LeBron James was interested in playing in Los Angeles when he was a free agent in 2010 and that James, who ultimately signed with the Miami Heat, told him he would not play for Sterling.

“[The] reasons are perfectly clear,” said Geffen, would not specifically disclose why James didn’t want to play for Sterling.

Makes sense, especially in light of James’ rather pointed comments regarding the NBA’s need to rid itself of the Clippers owner.

Although taking a look at the Clippers’ 2010-11 roster may also shed a little light on why LeBron opted to join forces with a much more talented roster in Miami alongside Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh. To wit (via


The Heat’s roster arguably boasted a bit more talent than the Clippers, which were a few years and one Chris Paul away from an ascent to “Lob City” and becoming one of the NBA’s “glamour” teams.

Granted, the Clippers roster may have shaken out much differently had James taken his talents to Southern California instead of South Beach.