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Astros’ George Springer enters full derp mode, can’t pick up ball on hit (video)


Houston Astros outfielder George Springer had a helluva time attempting to field a base hit off the bat of Denard Span during the team’s 7-0 loss to the Washington Nationals.

Span laced a base hit to the gap during the top of the 3rd inning, setting into motion a comedy of errors — actually only ruled one error, but you know — as Springer clumsily attempted to track down the ball on the warning track.

First, Springer appears to trip over his own two feet or something, tumbling to the ground. Once he regained his composure — kind of — Springer failed to scoop up the ball not once, not twice, not thrice, finally managing to get a handle on the ball on at least the fourth try. A truly wondrous and epic demonstration of ham-fisted derpiness.

Geez Louise, all that video needs is “Yakety Sax” as its soundtrack.

The play was ruled a triple but due to Springer’s inability to, you know, pick up a baseball, Span easily sauntered home.

This isn’t the only time Springer has amused us with his questionably clumsy — or simply odd — approach to the game of baseball.

Here’s Springer closing his eyes and nearly coming out of his shoes while taking a big rip during an at-bat earlier this week.

And here he is stumbling while rounding second base on a double.

Sure, those last two aren’t that bad in and of themselves, but when paired with his derp mode move in the outfield on Wednesday, well, it certainly isn’t the most flattering compilation, nor does it indicate that Springer is having a very good week. Poor bastard.