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NHL ref Steve Kozari sports ghastly shiner days after taking puck to face (vid/pics)

On Tuesday, Kozari was back on the job, working Game 6 of the Philadelphia Flyers-New York Rangers series at Wells Fargo Center, exhibiting the gnarly aftermath of the puck to the face he took just days earlier.

During Saturday’s Eastern Conference quarterfinals match-up between the Boston Bruins and Detroit Red Wings at TD Garden, referee Steve Kozari proved he can be as bad ass as the players he officiates by staying in the game after he was drilled in the face by a puck.

The potentially frightening incident occurred early on in the third period of Game 5 when Bruins defenseman Dougie Hamilton attempted to rim the puck out of the zone. The puck rode up the glass around the corner and caught Kozari right on the left cheek.

Kozari went down immediately and was wobbly as he made his way off the ice. But being the tough S.O.B. that he is, was back on it after a television timeout. In hockey, even the referees are a hardened, unyielding and resilient bunch.

But there he was, back on the ice Tuesday, sporting a ghastly look starring an absolutely horrific shiner. Actually, it’s more of a “Good God, man! What happened to your freaking face!” look more than anything.


Yamma hamma. Odds are he could barely see out of that eye. Nothing like monocular vision with pucks and players flying all over the place. Gee whiz.

(images via imgur)