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NBA releases ‘We Are One’ spot in wake of Donald Sterling debacle (video)


The NBA is all in on and fully committed to remaining in damage control mode in the wake of the Donald Sterling scandal. From the league banning the embattled Los Angeles Clippers owner for life to doing everything within the NBA’s power to force him to sell the team, the league is going full frontal on making it abundantly clear that Sterling’s purported racist views have no place in the NBA, nor are they shared or condoned in any way, shape or form.

Debuting on the NBA’s YouTube channel Wednesday morning was the league’s unifying message of solidarity in the wake of the scandal.

The message contained in the spot:

We are a Team. On a team, ME becomes WE. We stand together, we STRIVE together. We WIN together. TOGETHER. WE are a TEAM, and this is OUR time. OUR TIME. We are One.

The “We Are One,” of course, echoes the sentiments expressed both by the Clippers web site on Tuesday — which redirected visitors to a page solely containing that message (above, top) — and the signs held by Clippers fans at Game 5 of its series with the Golden State Warriors on Tuesday night at Staples Center.

The crowd also chanted “We Are One” during the fourth quarter of Tuesday’s game (via SB Nation):

“We Are One,” indeed. Catchy slogan, meaningful message. Expect “We Are One” shirts to go on sale at the NBA Store sooner rather than later. Let’s hope the league does the right thing and donates all proceeds from the sale of any slogan-related merchandise to an appropriate charity or organization.