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The ‘Jameis Winston Stealing Crab Legs’ meme is taking over the Internet (pics)


The Photoshopping wisenheimers on the Internet were all over it from the instant news broke and are subsequently having a field day with the reports coming out of Tallahassee that Florida State Seminoles quarterback Jameis Winston allegedly was arrested for attempting to steal crab legs and was issued a citation for shoplifting.

Not much more setup required for what follows below. Simply bask in the crab-leggy brilliance.

Excellent. One last note: If the allegations do indeed prove accurate, how shortsighted was it for Winston to not steal some butter along with the seafood? Crab legs without clarified butter is a horrible proposition, kind of like, uh, the Internet without Photoshop wizardry, I guess.

[H/T With Leather, top image via @Deshair]