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Jameis Winston reportedly arrested for shoplifting crab legs from grocery store


Sources are reporting that Florida State Seminoles quarterback Jameis Winston was arrested for allegedly shoplifting crab legs from a supermarket on Tuesday, according to a report from SB Nation’s Tomahawk Nation.

Winston reportedly was issued a citation for the misdemeanor arrest for his alleged pilfering of seafood from a Publix.

Sporting News’ Chris Littmann tweeted out a screengrab of an email he received from the Tallahassee Police Department:

Given the nature of police department policies and procedures, there is a good chance that Winston’s case simply hasn’t been completely processed, but until more confirmation is received, perhaps the story should be viewed with at least a semblance of skepticism.

The redshirt sophomore quarterback, who won the Heisman Trophy and led the Seminoles to a national championship last season, was the subject of a rape investigation concerning an incident that allegedly occurred in December 2012 but the Florida State Attorney General announced in December 2013 that his office had declined to file any charges against the two-sport, FSU star.

Allegations that the investigation of the rape accusations against Winston was botched became the subject of intense scrutiny in an April 2014 article in The New York Times.

Clearly, the alleged shoplifting of crab legs pales in comparison to Winston’s previous potential legal entanglements, but it certainly doesn’t look good, especially in light of the fact that the NCAA approved expanded meal allowances for athletes earlier this month.

But seriously … crab legs? Talk about a hard thing to shoplift.