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Bills center Eric Wood has been autographing some strange stuff lately (photos)


Buffalo Bills center Eric Wood (how about that hair?)  has been chronicling some of the odder items folks have been asking him to autograph over the past few weeks on Twitter. It all started when Wood posted a photograph of a jock strap that was sent to him a few weeks back.

Of course, Wood felt compelled to note that said jock was in fact unused and clean.

Good to know.

After that, Wood asked his followers to send him crazy stuff to autograph and the strangest items he received he would not only sign but highlight on Twitter.

After challenging fans to come up with bizarre autograph items, Wood decided to post a few of his favorites over the past few days. Among the items sent along to him included a prosthesis:

That’s … odd. Question: What did the person who sent the prosthesis do while it was in Wood’s possession? Weird.

Subsequent submissions included a wooden pickle, eviction notice and ping pong paddle.

After Wood posted the above tweet, he noted the following near run-in he had with a Bills fan:

Now that would have made for a great photo.

What a great way for Wood to engage his fans and get his name out there. Not bad for a guy whose previous claim to fame was being an endorser of One-Wipe Charlies, the butt wipes for men. Nowhere to go but up from there.

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