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Clippers cover up Staples Center ads for sponsors who have dropped team (pics)


Amid the fallout in the wake of Donald Sterling debacle, the Los Angeles Clippers were forced to order arena staff to cover up advertisements inside Staples Center of sponsors that have withdrawn their support of the team before Tuesday’s Game 5 showdown with the Golden State Warriors.

Ball Don’t Lie compiled a helpful visual reference (above) that summarizes companies who have pulled out from sponsoring the team in the aftermath of the Sterling scandal.

Below are some photos demonstrating the stark contrast between the flashy corporate signage that typically can be seen in NBA arenas and the draped-off advertisements that greeted fans entering the downtown L.A. arena on Tuesday.

It is unknown whether or not any of the companies that suspended and/or completely pulled their support and sponsorship of the team will feel comfortable renewing their respective business relationships with the Clippers in light of Commissioner Adam Silver’s announcement Tuesday that Sterling has received a lifetime ban from the NBA barring him from any affiliation with the team or the league (and may in fact be forced to sell the Clippers), but there’s a good chance at least some will come back.