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Wild fans heckle Avs goalie Semyon Varlamov with photos from October arrest (pics)


Sure, these Minnesota Wild fans may not have attract as much attention or gain as much notoriety as the blonde bombshell whose insatiable bloodlust was put on sexy display during Monday’s Game 6 showdown with the Colorado Avalanche, but the two wisenheimers certainly deserve a lot of credit for the effort and subtle savagery they put into their efforts while attempting to troll Avs netminder Semyon Varlamov.

Seated right behind Varlamov’s cage for at least one, possibly two periods, the two fans brought along some visual aids to plaster on the glass to help in their heckling: Photos stemming from Varlmov’s October arrest on domestic violence charges, including his mugshot and an image of the netminder dressed in jail jumpsuit during a subsequent court appearance.

The two images:

semyon-varlamov-mugshot semyon-varlamov-court

The charges ultimately were dropped by a Judge in December per the request of prosecutors, but these two snarky smart alecks didn’t let the aftermath of the arrest get in the way of some expertly crafted heckling.

For what it’s worth, Varlamov didn’t appear to be greatly affected nor rattled by the troll job. While the ‘Lanche did come up short, the Vezina Trophy finalist overall continued his run of brilliance that has been on display throughout the series, keeping the Avalanche in some games the team had no business being in.

The series heads back to Denver for Game 7 on Wednesday and it’s safe to assume that Varlamov is looking forward to the friendly confines of a pro-Avalanche crowd in the Pepsi Center. You have to believe he had to be thinking — for at least a second at some point — while looking up at the hecklers, “Come on guys, that’s a low blow, man, a totally bush league move!”

And for that, these guys deserve some credit. Bravo, Wild fans, bravo.

(top image via @bracehemmelgarn)