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Rob Gronkowski got his Beer Bong Gronk on at Kansas St. Wildcats spring game (photos)


In the latest example that illustrates how Rob Gronkowski is always bringing it as he’s living it, the New England Patriots tight end was spotted at the Kansas State Wildcats spring game over the weekend partying down and whooping it up in typical Gronkonian fashion.

Gronk was of course at K-State’s spring game to cheer on his brother, Glenn, a sophomore fullback with the Wildcats football squad.

Because no “Gronk on a Random Campus” sighting is complete without the presence of a beer bong, Gronkowski was spotted appearing to assist a Wildcats fan with one. Party on Gronk.

Some additional photos from Gronk’s time Gronking it up with K-State students and fans.

Livin’, people. L-I-V-I-N. Although for the most part, Gronk appears to be behaving himself.

In other Rob Gronwkoski news not involving beer bongs or his off-the-field activities, the tight end said he is unsure whether or not he’ll be ready for the Patriots’ Sept. 7 season opener. He also added that as far as his recovery from tearing his knee up in a December game, he’d much rather deal with a concussion than the aftereffects of rehabbing a surgically repaired knee. Makes sense. A bit shortsighted, to be sure, but coming from Gronk, it makes total sense.

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[H/T Busted Coverage, top image via @KylePap]