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Heat owner Micky Arison puts chances at ‘Big Three’ returning at ‘100 percent’


Before the Miami Heat took the court on Monday night to put the finishing touches on a four-game sweep of the Charlotte Bobcats, team owner Micky Arison was all but guaranteeing that the “Big Three” combination of LeBron James, Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh will be back next season.

Via the Palm Beach Post:

Based on everyone’s comments throughout the season, everything points toward LeBron James, Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh staying in Miami beyond this season. All three are on long-term deals with the freedom to opt out after this year.

The most recent indication that those three will stay, be it through not opting out or by opting out and signing longer contracts, is from owner Micky Arison. When asked Monday by 790 The Ticket to give a percentage chance of keeping them with the Heat, he responded, “100 percent.”

Arison’s confidence that the three will return for another go-round certainly must give Heat fans reason for hope that the unforgettable run the team has been on since LeBron, D-Wade and Bosh joined forces (consecutive NBA titles with a chance to three-peat in this year’s edition of the NBA playoffs), the fact that all three can opt-out of their deals following the season certainly provides a reason not to accept Arison’s belief hook, line and sinker.

All three players are making just about $19 million this season, per USA Today’s HoopsHype. Bosh, Wade and James all stand to make over $20 million during the 2014-15 NBA season should they elect to not exercise the early termination option on their current deals.

Further, all three players are scheduled to earn over $21 million during the 2015-16 season should any of them exercise a player option for that season.

Of course, one, two or three of the players could opt out of their respective current deals with the team, only to re-up with the Heat under new deals with better terms, whether that be with more money or more security via a longer-term deal. Or both.

Regarding any hints at what the Big Three may elect to do once they ultimately are confronted with the need to make a decision, be it together or otherwise, Dwyane Wade did say that the three stars intend to meet after the season before making any decisions regarding their respective futures, again be that together or apart.

Bosh, meanwhile, answered “True” when asked if he believed he and LeBron will be in Miami next season.

However it plays out, it appears one thing is certain: Arison apparently has every intent and will do everything in his power to ensure the band stays together, if only to prove his “100 percent” estimate was accurate.