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Girl overwhelmed by meeting Carlos Gomez, begins sobbing (video)


Milwaukee Brewers outfielder Carlos Gomez received the teen idol treatment during Sunday’s game against the Chicago Cubs at Miller Park. The Milwaukee Brewers outfielder paid a young fan a visit in the stands and the girl was so starstruck, so blown away by her chance meeting with the baseball player that she began sobbing uncontrollably until she received a nice hug from Gomez.

Seriously, the girl responded to meeting her baseball-playing hero like Gomez was the second-coming of Elvis Presley or Tom Jones … or Andy Gibb or David Cassidy or whoever the young girls worship these days. Maybe it’s that Bieber jagoff or whoever. Do the kids still idolize Donny Osmond? Doubt it.

Gomez, who currently is appealing a three-game suspension due to his role in igniting a brawl involving his Brewers teammates and the Pittsburgh Pirates. Sure, Gomez’s brash personality can be grating and he sometimes takes things a bit too far with his on-field behavior, but his passion for the game and the gusto who routinely displays should not be under-appreciated or taken for granted. Just ask this young girl whose day, week, month was made by her encounter with the ballplayer.