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Jagoff Dodgers fans act like douchebags, climb over wall, run around field (videos)


In the latest douchetastic act of douchebaggerish baseball fan douchebaggery, two Los Angeles Dodgers fans scaled an outfield wall and dropped down onto the field at Dodger Stadium during the ninth inning of Thursday night’s game against the Philadelphia Phillies.

The two jagoffs appeared to put their jagoffy plan into action simultaneously, with one running towards the left field corner (you can see him drop onto the field in the left corner of the below video), where he quickly was corralled by security, and the other scampering towards right field.

The cretinous nitwit running along the warning track towards right field managed to elude security — albeit in all likelihood a temporary evasion — by rescaling the outfield wall and scurrying away like a cockroach.

Some may argue that the stream of vitriolic criticism being directed at these two fans may be somewhat in excess, but that is not the case. Storming the field is one of the most idiotic things a fan can do. For a momentary stab at notoriety, these kind of trespassing dolts likely are arrested and very possibly banned from the stadium. Hardly seems worth it.

Frankly, my belief is the prevailing opinion regarding this kind of behavior — save for the possibly inebriated onlookers at the ballpark hooting and hollering — falls more in line with the opinion held by Baltimore Orioles outfielder Adam Jones than the belief that storming the field is mostly innocent horseplay.

Seriously, what a couple of douchebaggeroffs. See? I combined my heavy-handed use of variations on the word “douchebag” and “jagoff.” Pretty nifty.

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