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Joe Maddon drops fantastic pot reference in tweet about pine tar


The usage of pine tar, not surprisingly, currently is a pretty hot topic in baseball, in light of New York Yankees pitcher Michael Pineda’s 10-game suspension stemming from his egregious use of the substance in a game earlier this week against the Boston Red Sox.

Tampa Bay Rays manager Joe Maddon, as quirky of a fellow as you will find in the big leagues, elected to weigh in on the discussion on Twitter on Thursday, but chose to do so in a humorous manner.

Ba-zing! Now that’s some clever stuff right there. Likening pine tar use to legal marijuana use in Colorado and Washington. I wonder if Maddon spends his offseason in either of those pro-pot states. It’s unlikely, but possible.

As Big League Stew notes, there arguably are some interesting parallels between the differing points of view held by folks concerning ballplayers using pine tar and the populace partaking in pot.

That Joe Maddon, man. What a far-out dude. Ya dig?

Although I regret to point out that even though Colorado’s marijuana laws, while obviously beyond liberal, does not mean one can smoke up at a Colorado Rockies game, as this sign spotted at Coors Field so clearly states.


What a bummer, right?

Speaking of bummers, let’s hope Maddon doesn’t get in any trouble for his weed joke. After all, Major League Baseball is run by a bunch of squares, man.