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Does this ancient Maya Stela predict that the Avalanche will win the Cup? (pic)


Is it possible? Is an ancient artifact from the Mayan civilization predicting through symbols that the Colorado Avalanche are going to win the Stanley Cup?

A “Mayan Hidden Worlds” exhibit currently is on display at the Denver Museum of Nature & Science. The exhibit features several examples of Maya Stelae, monuments found throughout the Mayan world.

One in particular (above) contains some symbols that eerily resemble the Avalanche logo right underneath an object that somewhat resembles the Stanley Cup. at least in the eyes of one reddit user who originally noticed the similarities.

The fact that the stela contains these images in such close proximity along with the fact that said stela is in Denver right now sure appears to be some kind of sign from ancient world, a symbolic prophecy set in stone, if you will, whispering its predictions through time, space and history?

Or, on the other hand, it’s just a bunch of weird symbols that mean nothing at all. That’s what all you skeptics and non-believers likely think. Go ahead, shut yourself off from the mystical power of the Mayans. It’ll be your funeral. Or whatever.

Granted, with the Avalanche reeling after being thoroughly dominated and demoralized in its past two games in St. Paul against the Minnesota Wild, relinquishing a commanding 2-0 series lead, maybe the Mayans are a bit off on their timing. Had this exhibit shown up in Denver next year? Perhaps. Perhaps.

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