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Kid learns with one blown lead the tragic and cruel fate of being a Cubs fan (video)


The Chicago Cubs celebrated Wrigley Field’s 100th “birthday” on Wednesday and along with all the pomp and circumstance, ginormous birthday cakes and  an overall warm and fuzzy feeling emanating out of the historic ballpark, it looked like the Cubbies were going to cap off the memorable day with a win over the Arizona Diamondbacks.

Not so fast, Cubs fans.

Arguably in about as fitting a manner to commemorate 100 years of Cubs futility and bad luck as unfortunately possible, the Cubs, leading 5-2 heading into the bottom of the ninth, suffered an epic collapse, giving up a five-spot to lose 7-5 to the D-Backs.

One young Cubs fan, still relatively naive in the ways of the soul-crushing toll being a Cubs fan can have on one’s psyche, hardly could believe what he was seeing as the team completely unraveled in miraculously absurd fashion.

Get used to it, kid. Chances are the way he felt while watching the debacle will become a familiar, almost reassuring, sensation as he suffers heartbreak after heartbreak after heartbreak. Callouses around his heart will harden, he’ll build up psychological walls around his mind to protect his sanity and collapses like this will begin to hurt less and less as the pass him by and the ineptitude of the Cubs — and the disappointment that comes as a consequence — will provide him with a strange sense of normalcy.

By the way, I write with the perspective of experience related to this kind of phenomenon. I’m a Minnesota Vikings fan, you see.