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Evan Mathis shows off new whip, some kind of electric mini-tricycle thingy (video)


Evan Mathis rolled into Novacare Complex, the practice facility and corporate headquarters of the Philadelphia Eagles, riding on something that appears to be some kind of electric-powered mini-tricycle kind of vehicle thingy.

The offensive lineman refers to it as his “new whip, man,” which may be stretching the meaning of that particular term a little bit.

There was some speculation heading into the Philadelphia Eagles’ voluntary offseason workout program this week that Mathis wouldn’t show up due to a contract dispute with the team. But despite some expert trolling perpetrated by Mathis victimizing a Philly reporter over the weekend, Mathis was in fact in attendance on Monday.

Here’s Mathis describing his “new whip” to CSN Philly.

What an interesting character, not to mention an interesting ride. And there’s no way that thing is street legal, right? There appears to be no lights, turn signals, etc., some of the components necessary for a vehicle to be considered safe for the road. Although it does have mirrors and reflectors, so maybe it is street legal. Who knows?

Either way, what a remarkable piece of machinery. It saves bundle on fuel costs as Mathis notes in the video — which is a good thing, given the amount of Mathis’ most recent bonus check — that thing must boast a pretty fancy suspension system, as Mathis weighs in the range of about 300 pounds. The shocks and struts (or whatever) on that mini-tricycle must be expertly constructed to carry his weight. And that’s not even taking into account the sophisticated engine it must have in order to scoot Mathis around at such a decent speed.

A sweet ride, indeed.

[H/T The700Level, top image via @GeoffMosher]