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Brooklyn Cyclones pretty darn proud of their Darth Maul ‘Star Wars’ jerseys (photos)


The Brooklyn Cyclones, the Class-A affiliate New York Mets, announced Thursday morning that the team will be holding a “Star Wars Night” at MCU Park in June.

Of course, “Star Wars Nights” have become all-too-common at minor league ballparks over the years. In fact, one could make the argument that the bit has been played out.

But this is the first time the Cyclones will be putting on such an event and further, unlike other minor league baseball outfits, the Cyclones know how to go about it and even more so, they’re pretty damn proud of what the team has planned, especially when it comes to the “Star Wars”-themed jerseys the team will be wearing.

The Cyclones sent out a tweet on Thursday in which the team brags about the superiority of its “Star Wars” jerseys (above), as their version features Darth Maul, arguably the most sinister — and coolest villain ever to emerge from the “Star Wars” universe … Boba Fett notwithstanding, of course.


As any “Star Wars” aficionado knows, while Dart Maul is pretty bad ass with the horn thingies sprouting out of his head, the demonic red and black face, the cool lightsaber and all that, he nevertheless makes his first appearance in an inferior film in the classic triology’s prequels, something the Wisconsin Timber Rattlers quickly let the Cyclones know on Twitter.

Uh, zing! Chalk-up a point for the Timber Rattlers for the expertly crafted geeky dweeb burn!


The Wisconsin Timber Rattlers,

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The Wisconsin Timber Rattlers,

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