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That 400-pound cake replica of Wrigley Field? It’s in a dumpster now (photos)


On Wednesday, the Chicago Cubs celebrated 100 years of Wrigley Field. Among the many features of the centennial celebration was a 5-foot-by-5-foot cake that replicated the legendary ballpark in sugar, flour and a bunch of other stuff that made it essentially inedible. That is why is ended up in a dumpster on Thursday.

The 400-pound monstrosity, created by four baker crew headed by Buddy Valastro of “Cake Boss” fame, was never intended to be eaten, as confectionery creations such as the Wrigley cake include ingredients, additions and assorted chemicals and compounds so that it will actually remain together and not fall apart. As anyone who has baked something as simple as a two-tiered cake, there’s no way a cake of this size and magnitude including only edible ingredients would stand of chance of retaining its structural integrity.

Still, it’s sad to see it in a dumpster. Reddit user ChewysDingleberrys works at the Field Museum, where the cake was transported for a fundraiser after being displayed at Wrigley Field. His job on Thursday was to prepare the cake for disposal, and he shared some of the photos on reddit.

wrigley-field-cake-1 wrigley-field-cake-2 wrigley-field-cake-3

The photo up top depicts the final resting place of “The Edible Confines,” which is what the cake was named.

A clever name, to be sure, but “The Partially Edible But I Wouldn’t Eat It If I Were You Confines” would have been a more apt moniker.

Still, perhaps someone will stumble upon the cake and put it to good use, like what Kramer did with the set of “The Merv Griffin Show.” It’s hard to say what that would be, but it’s just a shame it’s simply thrown away.

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