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Cubs commemorate Wrigley Field’s 100th birthday with 400-pound cake (photo)


Wrigley Field, the beloved ballpark and home of the Chicago Cubs since it was opened on April 23, 1914, is being celebrated on Wednesday on its 100th birthday with the pomp and circumstance deserving of such a significant milestone.

In an age where the prevailing philosophy is that things get worse with age and the only worthwhile thing to do with an old building is to tear it down, the fact that Wrigley Field has stood the test of time and remains one of the most magical ballparks in all of baseball.

For Wednesday’s game between the Cubbies and Arizona Diamondbacks, the teams will wear throwback uniforms and many other things are planned to give the old ballpark the feel it had all those years ago.

The first 30,000 fans through the gates will receive replica Chicago Federals jerseys, with the first 10,000 receiving birthday cupcakes.

Cupcakes loaded on to huge pallets, even.

That’s a lot of cupcakes, yo!

Speaking of confectionery delights to commemorate Wrigley reaching the century mark, a behemoth cake whose size makes it worthy of celebrating such a momentous event has been whipped up.

The Cubs enlisted the services of pastry chef Buddy Valastro, best known as the star of the TLC reality show “Cake Boss,” to create a replica of the historic ballpark, something that required 400 pounds of batter, frosting an other assorted items. 

The cake will be outside Wrigley for the centennial celebration before being transported — carefully — to the team’s annual Bricks and Ivy Charity Ball.

While the humongous cake is awesome and a great way to celebrate such a monumental “birthday,” the fact that a senile Willard Scott didn’t talk about Wrigley while a photo of the ballpark was slapped on a jar of Smucker’s jelly alongside the day’s other centennials is a damn shame. Actually, I missed “Today” this morning. Maybe that wily old coot Willard did name-drop Wrigley. It would only be right.

[H/T Extra Mustard, top image via @DannyEcker]