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Rangers’ Daniel Carcillo scores, taunts double-middle-finger-waving Flyers fan (GIF)

Daniel Carcillo was once a member of the Philadelphia Flyers, spending parts of three seasons with the team, so the New York Rangers winger is more than familiar with what fans in that city are capable of, both good and bad.

Carcillo had an up close and personal experience with the bad — or at least surly — side of Flyers fandom on Tuesday night after scoring a huge insurance goal during the third period of New York’s 4-1 Game 3 win at the Wells Fargo Center.

Carcillo scored the backbreaking goal at the 10:53 mark of the third period right after escaping the penalty box after he was whistled for a questionable hooking call. The winger immediately skated to the glass where he was greeted with angry Flyers fans, one who let his unhappiness show by flipping the double-barreled, middle-finger salute at Carcillo right in his face.

Undaunted and emboldened by his goal off a sweet feed from Brian Boyle, Carcillo began taunting the fans, particularly the one giving him the middle fingers, by raising his arms and staring them down.

Faced!. A dagger after the dagger.

The vitriolic response came after Flyers fans reportedly jeered him after he appeared to be unconscious as he lay on the ice after taking a shoulder to the chin from Flyers forward Matt Read.

But as far as Carcillo is concerned, the middle fingers and jeering weren’t particularly shocking. In fact, he said afterward that not much fazes him as it relates to the behavior of Flyers fans.

“Nothing surprises me about this city and the way people act,” Carcillo said of Philly fans, via the New York Daily News. “But I came out of the box, Boyle made a great pass, and I put it through his legs. Afterwards, you know . . . I was just excited.”

Just another indictment of Philly fans, huh? Or simply a case of Carcillo rubbing it in that the Rangers now hold a 2-1 series lead over the Flyers? Perhaps a little bit of both.

(GIF via @CorkGaines)