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Compilation shows Chris Bosh is undisputed champion of NBA videobombing (video)

The NBA released a compilation video on Wednesday that showcases just how much videobombing has become intertwined with the world of post-game interviews. Not surprisingly, the assembled footage reveals under no uncertain terms that Miami Heat star Chris Bosh is the undisputed champion of videobombing in the National Basketball Association.

Bosh is featured several times in the video, more than any other player by a wide margin. There’s Chris Bosh videobombing Dwyane Wade. Chris Bosh videobombing LeBron James. Chris Bosh being videobombed by his Heat teammates. It’s a phenomenon that has been covered here at SoB on frequent occasions throughout the 2013-14 NBA season (see here and here and here). And rightfully so, as their ain’t no videobomb like a Chris Bosh videobomb because a Chris Bosh videobomb goes something something something.

In fact, Bosh is such a virtuoso in the act of the videobomb, the name of the act — as far as when it involves NBA players — should simply be changed to “videoboshing.” Not too pat myself on the back, but that’s frigging brilliant.