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New sign at Coors Field: ‘Smoking Area — Marijuana Prohibited (photo)


Now, the Colorado Rockies are not trying to harsh anyone’s mellow here, but a new sign posted in a designated smoking area at Coors Field discourages those individuals who are inclined to taking advantage of Colorado’s very liberal marijuana laws from partaking in smoking up while visiting the ballpark.

As you can see above, the sign strictly prohibits would-be pot smokers from twisting up a J, smoking a doobie, firing up a bowl, what have you, in the stadium’s smoking areas.

In other words, no Rocky Mountain High at Rockies games. One could reasonably expect that the most reasonable of weed smokers would be able to figure out that marijuana use would not be tolerated in a location that strives to create a family-friendly atmosphere. But then again, the sign is probably is meant for the most burned-out of burnouts.

[H/T Deadspin, image via @JeromeGrady]