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Happy Anniversary? Matt Harvey posts pic of himself giving the finger (photo)


On Oct. 22, 2013, Matt Harvey went under the knife and had Tommy John surgery performed on his right elbow. The New York Mets pitcher elected to commemorate the six-month anniversary of the significant surgical procedure on Tuesday by posting a photo of himself in a hospital bed giving the camera the finger. An odd choice.

Of course, Harvey deleted the original tweet shortly after posting it, but as we all know, nothing is completely eradicated from the Internet once posted. A wise individual took a screencap of the since-deleted tweet to ensure that it was saved for perpetuity.

The question is, why did Harvey decide to post such a photo? And who is the middle finger directed at? The person taking the photo? His critics?

My guess is it is the latter, not the former. Unless the individual taking the photograph happens to be someone Harvey perceives as one of his critics. In that case, then it would be both. But that would be weird, right?

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