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Kid catches pass from Peyton Manning after shaking girl with double-move (video)

Sure, Peyton Manning may lack the arm strength he had in his younger days, but as we learned last season — except in the Super Bowl — he remains deadly accurate in the pocket, especially when receivers give him an easy, wide-open target.

Such was the case during an appearance by Manning at some school recently, when a young boy completely skake-and-baked a fellow student before hauling in a perfectly thrown ball from the Denver Broncos quarterback.

Sure, the girl made it easy on the boy by keeping her eyes locked on Manning the entire time, but let’s be honest: Can you blame her? It’s Peyton-freaking-Manning, people. Had that been me in her place, I would have been so starstruck I probably would have clumsily stumbled and busted my head open on that wall.

At least Peyton appeared to be treating these kids a lot nicer than he treated those kids in that “Saturday Night Live” skit.

Huh. I guess it’s true: Made-up comedy sketches aren’t an accurate representation of a person’s true personality. Learn something new every day.

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