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Garrett Richards fields own airmailed pitch after it caroms off backstop (video)

Overall, Los Angeles Angeles pitcher Garrett Richards had a great outing on Monday in his start against the Washington Nationals (6.0 IP, 1 H, 1 ER, 6 K), but a showdown with Denard Span in the bottom of the fourth inning spiraled out of control, becoming a comedy of errors.

Two of Richards’ pitches during Span’s at-bat reached the backstop. The pitch that awarded Span first base on a walk was so completely airmailed that it hit the backstop with such force that it caromed all the way back to the mound where Richards was able to field his own pitch on one bounce. That’s weird.

The Nationals scored its lone run against Richards following the pitcher’s wildness, scored an additional run in the ninth, but rally fell short after the Angels put up a four-spot in the eighth for a 4-2 win.