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Tom Brady grins as he sprays water from a hose he’s holding by his crotch (photo)


It’s difficult to ascertain if Tom Brady was deliberately holding a hose right near his crotch and spraying water out of it in a bid to make some innuendo-loaded phallic humor, but the sophomoric grin on the New England Patriots quarterback’s face arguably helps lead a person to make that conclusion. You can almost imagine Brady saying, “Look, guys, it’s like the hose is my schlong and I am taking a pee!”

It’s unknown when exactly this photo Brady posted to his Facebook page on Sunday was taken — although he captions it with the line, “Training camp fun!” — but the Patriots do begin the team’s voluntary offseason program on Monday at Gillette Stadium. Maybe he’s simply getting into training camp tomfoolery mode.

Either way, unintentional or not, it sure makes for an amusing photo. Because it looks like Brady is taking a ginormous — and messy (if this were really Brady taking a whiz, he would want to consult a urologist … immediately) — piss. Get it?

Great stuff, but as far as water-based Tom Brady hilarity is concerned, does this photograph top his hilarious water slide photos from a few years back? That’s a tall order, man.

Further, concerning hilarious photos of Brady at Patriots practice, can the above pic hold a candle to this one from a few years ago? Yet again, another difficult one to top.

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