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Jesus shows up at TD Garden for Bruins-Red Wings game, is booed (photos/video)


He has risen. To attend a Stanley Cup Playoffs game. On the perfect day to pull such a costumed cameo, a man dressed up as Jesus Christ made an appearance on Eastern Sunday at TD Garden to taken in Game 2 of the Boston Bruins-Detroit Red Wings Eastern Conference Quarterfinal series.

I’m familiar with the story of Jesus in the Gethsemane Garden, but TD Garden? Weird stuff, man.

The man portraying Jesus goes by the moniker Thor on Twitter — a wry mingling of Christian theology and Norse mythology — and took to the social media platform to see if anyone had a spare ticket for the playoff game.

Someone replied, offering up the ticket coveted by the Lord.

Whether or not this in fact was the ticket Jesus procured is unknown, but he was in attendance and spotted in his seat during the first period:

Such was his profound presence on such a holy day that Thor Jesus was elected the fan of the game.

Here’s Jesus spreading the good word among some fans:

A security staffer or usher was later spotted escorting Jesus up out of his seat later during the game.

Accounts of what exactly transpired following the originally warm reception differ, but some claim that Jesus was booted from the Garden. Others say he simply was being returned to the correct seat. A couple of fans in attendance even booed Jesus Thor. Yikes.

Whatever happened to Jesus after he was taken away by the Doubting Thomas usher is also unknown. However, Jesus Thor was spotted sneaking a smoke by one onlooker:

Of course, anyone familiar with the works of the Replacements are well aware of the fact that if Jesus was in fact smoking, he bummed the cig. As Paul Westerberg sings in “Can’t Hardly Wait”, he never buys any smokes.

For what it’s worth, and whether or not Jesus’ presence had any impact on the outcome, the Bruins did upend the Red Wings, winning 4-1 to even up the series. Maybe when the series switches to Detroit, some other deity will show up Joe Louis Arena and root on the Wings. Maybe some dude dressed up as Buddha who goes by the name Zeus on Twitter. Stranger things have happened.

[H/T Puck Daddy]