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Houston Rockets troll Robin Lopez on Twitter with Sideshow Bob reference (photo)


The wisenheimers in charge of the official Twitter account of the Houston Rockets dropped a phenomenal zinger at the expense of Robin Lopez and his interesting hairstyle after the Portland Trail Blazers big man was whistled for a technical foul during the teams’ playoff game on Sunday.

The play between Lopez and Rockets center Dwight Howard was chippy throughout the game. Howard was T’d up during the second quarter when he dropped the ball on Lopez after a foul call.

Later, Lopez was assessed a technical foul by refs for something he said after Howard elbowed the Blazers center in the midsection.

That’s when the Rockets Twitter account dropped a brilliant reference, likening Lopez’s hairstyle to the one sported by “Simpsons” villain Sideshow Bob.

Zing! Here’s a visual illustration of how Lopez probably greeted the tweet if he happened to see or hear about it:

  In other NBA Playoffs/Twitter trolling news, Darren Rovell was treated with a deserving amount of social media backlash after he made fun of an obese Chicago Bulls fan (via Larry Brown Sports): darren-rovell-fat-guy-tweetRovell deleted the tweet and issued a subsequent apology…

…but the damage already was done. Had Rovell taken a page out of the Houston Rockets’ playbook and compared the portly fan to “Comic Book Guy,” maybe he wouldn’t have received such a vitriolic response. It’s all in the delivery, folks.