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Peyton Manning got paid $105K by college to spew a bunch of cliched mumbo-jumbo


Peyton Manning was on the Oklahoma State University campus on Wednesday night for a speaking engagement. The Denver Broncos quarterback spoke to 4,250 people inside school’s basketball gym, Gallagher-Iba Arena for about 30 minutes and afterward held a half-hour Q&A session.

For the appearance and the hour of his time, Manning was paid a reported $105,000, a whopping amount of money for such little work. The argument that $105K is an obscene amount of money for a half-hour speech and a brief period of interaction with attendees  is further bolstered by the substance of his speech.

Manning’s speech, as reported by Tulsa World, was littered with cliched and hackneyed commentary, homespun wisdom and motivational speech mumbo-jumbo.

A sampling of some of his comments, which the paper reported made Manning come across as “sincere and relatable”:

  • “This is your world. Own it.”
  • “I challenge each of you in this arena tonight to invest your time to become a game-changer. A gamer-changer looks deeper and senses something others don’t and then acts on it.”
  • “You either get better or worse every day You don’t stay the same.”
  • “Enjoy the journey, not the destination.”

Wow. Now, if 30 minutes of that kind of worldview-changing insight isn’t worth over one hundred grand, what would be?

Of course, Manning cannot be blamed for taking the school’s money, nor should he be ashamed of pocketing the fat stacks of cash he made with minimal effort. Celebrity speakers routinely make an absurd amount of money for motivational speaking appearances, why not Peyton?

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