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Crotchgrabgate 2014 update: Joel Quenneville apologizes for obscene gesture


After having some time to contemplate his actions and a night to sleep on it — and possibly ice his crotch — Chicago Blackhawks head coach Joel Quenneville apologized for grabbing his junk while gesticulating wildly while hollering at the referees over what he perceived to be a missed call during the team’s 4-3 triple overtime loss.

During the second overtime of Game 1 of the ‘Hawks’ Western Conference series against the St. Louis Blues on Thursday night, Quenneville believed that Blues defenseman Kevin Shattenkirk deserved to be whistled for a delay of game penalty after he flipped the puck over the glass during a Chicago power play.

Quenneville, clearly irate — to put it mildly — began screaming at referees Marc Joannette and Kevin Pollock and put an exclamation point on his protests by aggressively grabbing his crotch.

The fiery coach apologized for his actions on Friday.

“I was definitely excited and disappointed at the call,” Quenneville said, via the Chicago Tribune. “I apologize for my behavior. It wasn’t very appropriate at all. It was a bush-league move on my part.”

Quenneville’s apology could be interpreted as a preventative measure in an effort to avoid sanctions from the league, as the NHL reportedly is investigating his conduct and behavior.

Patrick Sharp, who didn’t see his coach’s crotch-grab live but saw it later on video, defended Quenneville, saying the coach is intense and just cares too damn much.

“Joel is a passionate coach and he’s intense on the bench — we certainly feel that as players,” Sharp said. “Sometimes he wants get his skates on and get out there and play with us. He’s got a fire behind the bench that really filters through the team and makes us play that much better.”

Odds are not much will come of the NHL’s investigating the groin-grab, perhaps a word of warning. Despite the rather crude nature of Quenneville’s demonstration of unhappiness, it was a pretty awesome move. It certainly got his point across, did it not?

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