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Gotta support the team: Rangers fan shaves Rick Nash’s face into back of head (photo)


Well … that’s certainly something. Face painting? So … played. Hair dyed in team colors? Whatev. How about shaving a team’s logo into one’s head? Not good enough.  A clearly die-hard, dedicated and devoted New York Rangers fan and avid Rick Nash backer showed other hockey fans how a true fanatic pledges his support for his favorite player: By shaving said player’s face into the hair on the back of one’s head, of course. Um, duh.

To give credit where credit is due, the hairstylist who performed this masterful follicle portrait deserves high praise. The resemblance between Hair Nash and Real Nash truly is uncanny. Extra credit goes to the fan if he maintains the Nash face but allows his hair grow in some spots to replicate the hockey player’s playoff beard.

The Rangers square off in Game 1 of its Stanley Cup Playoffs quarterfinal series with bitter rival the Philadelphia Flyers on Thursday night at Madison Square Garden. Either this guy will be in attendance or he’ll be at a loss wondering why his girlfriend is so pissed off at him. Maybe both.

[H/T Extra Mustard, image via @NYRangers]