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Nick Young says what he’s going to do to Iggy Azalea ‘shouldn’t be legal’ (video)

Nick Young, otherwise known as “Swaggy P,” was at his downright swaggiest while exiting an L.A. club on Wednesday night.

The Los Angeles Lakers guard was both boastful and somewhat vile as he left the 1 Oak club on Sunset Boulevard along with pop star girlfriend Iggy Azalea.

When asked by some TMZ dude how he felt about the belief that Pau Gasol should have addressed the Staples Center crowd during the last home game of the season instead of him, Young insisted that he’s the No. 1 attraction on the Lakers.

“I’m the star! I’m Swaggy P,” he exclaimed.

Young’s boastful comments about how he’s the star of the Lakers comes on the heels of the guard claiming on Twitter on Tuesday that he’s the best shooting guard in the NBA.

Immediately after his self-assuring statement, Young then went on to point out Azalea and indicated that he planned to do vile things to his girlfriend, most of it apparently revolving around her backside.

“You see what I’m going in this car with?” he said, pointing to Iggy. “What I’m gonna do with this shouldn’t be legal … ALL OF THAT ASS!!”

The couple’s provocative photo shoot for GQ seems to indicate that Young is more than ready to follow through on his claims.

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All that ass, indeed. I guess.