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Kobe Bryant refers to Lakers’ season as ‘s–t,’ instructs fans to ‘flush it’


Kobe Bryant, as he is wont to do, didn’t pull punches, mince words or hold back one iota when expressing his thoughts on the miserable season the Los Angeles Lakers have endured.

The usually competitive Lakers finished the season with an atrocious 27-55 record, the most losses by the team in franchise history.

Given that the team was decimated by injuries up and down the roster, especially to Bryant himself, who barely played this season after making his season debut on Dec. 8 only to have his comeback from an Achilles injury and surgery derailed after six games when he suffered lateral tibial plateau fracture in his left knee in a Dec. 17 game against the Memphis Grizzlies. All told, Kobe suited up for only six games this season.

Bryant has been surly, opinionated and critical of the Lakers organization and players all season as he helplessly watched from the sidelines (see here and here), hardly surprising for such a fierce competitor.

Kobe took to Twitter on Wednesday, before the Lakers took the court for the team’s season finale and a win against the San Antonio Spurs — a game he didn’t attend, as he had already ditched the team and was in France– and provided a brief and explicit (although censored) summary of how he characterized the miserable season.

The proud Bryant referred to the season as “s–t,” and apropos for such a fecal-inspired characterization, Kobe suggests that fans simply “flush it.”

Overall, a descriptive, not to mention fitting, piece of imagery. Although given just how terrible the season was for the Lakers, there’s a good chance the ginormous turd of a campaign is going to clog the toilet and fans will need a plunger in order to finally rid themselves of the stench.

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