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Giants fans’ issues with letter placement results in ‘BAET LA’ derp (video)

During Wednesday’s tilt between the Los Angeles Dodgers and San Francisco Giants, a couple of hometown fans at AT&T Park attempted to let some large letters do the talking regarding how they hoped the Giants would beat the Dodgers but instead came up with a hilarious letter placement spelling derp.

As cameras scanned the stands, a group of five Giants backers attempted to hold up individual letters in unison so the message “BEAT LA” would be displayed. Sadly, someone didn’t get the memo about proper placement while holding up a big cardboard letter and the end result was the message “BAET LA.” Oops.

An honest mistake, to be sure, but it’s nevertheless an amusing one. In the end, their collective plea for victory, despite the gaffe, paid off, as the Giants edged the Dodgers by a score of 2-1.