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Cardinals pitchers sing ‘Love is an Open Door’ duet from ‘Frozen’ (video)

As the parent of a nearly three-year-old girl, it’s suffice to say that I am all too familiar with the Disney smash “Frozen,” which has transcended traditional smash hit status and turned into an undeniable cultural phenomenon. The animated blockbuster now is the highest-grossing animated film of all-time, netting a whopping $1,112,629,935 worldwide and $399,529,935 domestically, according to

“Frozen” has become such a significant pop culture force that it is even making its way into professional sports. Pittsburgh Pirates catcher Tony Sanchez announced at the beginning of the season that he intends to use the Idina Menzel-performed “Let it Go” as his at-bat music. And now we have this fantastic footage of St. Louis Cardinals pitchers Adam Wainwright and Trevor Rosenthal performing a rollicking rendition of the duet “Love is an Open Door,” originally sung by Kristen Bell and Santino Fontana as the characters Anna and Hans.

Above is the Cardinals pitchers’ version, below is the original.

Which one is better? Hard to say. In stylistic and technical terms, we have to hand it to the original. But Wainwright and Rosenthal’s bravado performance certainly deserves high marks for enthusiasm, effort and whimsy.

Even better, the karaoke rendition by the ballplayers was performed at the “Homers for Health” event on April 10 that benefited SSM Cardinal Glennon Children’s Medical Center, so it was all for charity.

Speaking of charity, classifying that performance as any kind of good is far too charitable of a label. But again, it was all for charity, so bravo, boys.